About Us

Why NeuroMovement®?

This incredibly dynamic approach is rooted in the science of neuroplasticity - your brain can rewire itself based on your experiences.

How We Can Help You

Through guided movement and gentle touch your brain learns and forms new connections and neural pathways.  These changes help alleviate body pains and muscle stiffness, improve balance and coordination, and helps to forge a stronger connection between your brain and body.

See the Difference

The gentleness and ease of movement that comes from these sessions carries on in your day to day life.  Learn a new, smarter way to move to live beyond limitations.

Our Services

Functional Synthesis Lesson

Jessica will work with you in a one on one setting with your specific goals in mind.   Using gentle guided movement, you will learn to feel the differences in the way you move, and be able to distinguish between poorly executed movements and efficient and "easy" ones. Learning these differences is the key to enhancing daily life and overcoming whatever limitation you are experiencing.


Transformational Movement Lesson

A verbally guided Transformational Movement Lesson℠ includes a sequence of movements that provide the brain with the information it needs to create, new, more skillful patterns.  The movements are gentle, safe, slow and easy to follow, yet the outcomes can be quite powerful. Students experience profound improvements in coordination, posture, breathing and awareness of self. 


Jessica is based in Wakaw, SK but will travel to provide the lessons in the comfort of your own home.

If an in-home lesson will not work for you, Jessica is flexible and an alternate location can be arraganged.

Our Team

Jessica Smart

Jessica began her training in 2014, travelling from Saskatchewan to Las Vegas, NV to learn from Anat Baniel herself.  Making several trips over the course of 13 months, Jessica experienced profound changes in herself and her passion to share this method with others grew.  She graduated as a licensed NeuroMovement® practitioner in November 2015.

In January 2016 her training took her to San Rafael, CA to specialize in working with children with special needs.  Over the course of the year she made the trip to California four times and learned some powerful ways to move from "fixing" to connecting with children with limiting diagnoses.  In October 2016 she received her upgraded certification to provide NeuroMovement® lessons to children as well as adults.

Jessica currently lives in Wakaw, SK with her husband and daughter, and is working to bring more awareness and accessibility about the Anat Baniel Method to her community.

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